It had been years since I last visited Silver Dollar City. Having grew up in the Ozarks, the theme park and I go way back! Back in the 70s the small town school I attended would load us students up for our annual spring trip to Silver Dollar City. In the fall, my Grandmother really enjoyed the crafts festival. Her last visit was back in the 80’s. For me, it had been 15 years ago or more since my last trip to the park so I jumped on the opportunity to make it back down for “Media Day” over the weekend of July 29th and 30th.
The first stop was at the famous Silver Dollar Saloon. The comedy, singing, and dance show has been entertaining patrons for 50 years! Of course, no trip to Silver Dollar City is complete without a ride on the train. Having rode it many times, I was prepared for the “hold up.”

The train robbery bit has changed over the years but the premise was still the same. The “bandits” stop the train to warn everyone of “trouble ahead” only to attempt to rob the train and of course, get caught in the act. This year is the final ride for the famous “Fire In The Hole.” Since 1972, this three-story indoor rollercoaster has been thrilling riders. Over 25 million have hopped on and enjoyed the “fiery” ride and it’s final plunge into the water and the famous “Fine In The Hole” finale.”

It was a nostalgic visit to Silver Dollar City for sure. As we walked around the park sharing stories from “back in the day” it reminded me how fortunate we are to have this gem, Trip Advisor’s “#1 Theme park in the US”, right in our back yard. No question, I’ll be back. If it’s been awhile for you too, pick a day and grab the kids for a trip back in time. It’s fun for sure and just might get them off their screens for awhile too. Click HERE for more info and tickets and we’ll see you back at Silver Dollar City!