Get ready for Cicada-geddon!

Cicada insects will start emerging next month as the ground warms up. Experts say we could see up to one million cicada’s per acre!

Why so many cicada’s now? It’s because there are two broods that are emerging at the same time!

Brood  XIX (19) and Brood VIII (8) will be co-emerging out of the ground, this hasn’t happened since 1803!

Never fear, the cicada lifespan is not long, The winged adults live just a few weeks, which is just long enough to find a mate and lay eggs.

Ordinarily cicadas are not considered a pest, however if there are high numbers of females, the females could damage young saplings during their egg laying.

Here in southwest Missouri,  should hear, and see the bugs for about a month .

Cicadas are harmless to human and pets but their singing could hurt your ears.