No one person or group won the Mega Millions Jackpot on Tuesday, soooo you have a shot at $630 Million dollars tonight!  It should be so easy to just pick 6 little balls to match the winning numbers, right?  Will someone win tonight’s BIG jackpot?  Hope its me!

Here is how to play, if you are a newby.  Just stop by a grocery, or convenience store that sells Lottery tickets.

Ask for a “Quick Pick” or select 6 of your favorite numbers. Hand over $2 bucks then wait until 11 pm.  That is the magic time when the numbers will be drawn. Then, check your numbers and then scream if you win!

If YOU are a winner, you will have the option on how to receive your money.  You can collect via annuity or you can take the cash option which will be cash worth $359.7 million!

Good Luck!