You won’t see the “hula” girl but you will  be able to buy “Pineapple Whip” this winter!

One of the Ozarks most favorite frozen treat is “Pineapple Whip!” Only one drawback…it’s usually only sold in the summer.

Oh sure the “Pineapple Whip” people will tease us with a one or two day operation in January, but usually its open only during the summertime months… until now!

The creamy goodness known as “Pineapple Whip” will soon be available in pints at Hy-Vee at their Battlefield and Kansas Expressway location.

Flavors up for sale will be pineapple, lemon-berry and mango-peach.

This special sale of “Pineapple Whip” pints will be available in the off-season only.