Looks  like southwest Missouri will get our first taste of winter-like temperatures starting on Friday.

When temps take a downward turn, we here in the Ozarks, try to stay warm with substitute sources.

Fireplaces, wood stoves and space heaters are great alternatives to save on the high cost of natural gas.

Here are some good tips to make sure YOUR space heater stays safe for YOUR family.

Keep everything away from a space heater such as furniture, bedding, blankets even curtains.

Plug the space heater directly into the outlet. Don’t use an extension cord. Extension cords can become hot and cause fires.

Keep the space heater in an open area.

Keep the space heater away from children and pets.

If a space heater should be tipped over or overheats, unplug it,  until it cools down.

Stay warm, and safe!

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