The new year will bring a temporary closing to the Springfield Art Museum!  The Springfield Museum will close its doors, in September to prepare for the remodeling which will begin in January of 2025. The remodel will be lengthy and should last through the end of 2027.

Once completed, the new revamped Springfield Art Museum will have expanded education and public programming areas to also include a nearby greenway trail and the adjacent park.

The 2024 Springfield Art Museum schedule is a busy one, leading up to the September closing.

New exhibits include:

“Breath, Light, and Distance” (April 20, 2024 – Sept. 1, 2024)

“Renaissance Works on Parchment and Paper” (April 20, 2024 – Sept. 1, 2024)

“Jordan Eagles: ONE BLOOD” (through Feb. 18, 2024)

“Spirit of Independence: Kent Bicentennial Portfolio” (through April 7, 2024)

“Collection Focus: Lithography” (through April 7, 2024)

“Ancient Artifacts Abroad” (through June 16, 2024)

“Creating an American Identity” (through July 1, 2024)

“Survey of Ceramic Art” (through July 1, 2024)

“Collection Focus: Bradi Barth” (through Sept. 1, 2024)

“Collection Focus: Glenna Goodacre” (through Sept. 1, 2024)

“All School Exhibition” (March 2 – April 21, 2024)

“Missouri State University MFA Showcase” (May 4-26, 2024)

“Watercolor USA 2024” (June 18 – Sept. 1, 2024)

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