I recently spent an evening at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center taking in MDC’s “Advance Crappie Fishing Clinic.” No matter how many years you’ve spent on the water, there’s always more to learn. That not only applies to fishing but everything “outdoors!” I spent a couple hours listening to the experts break down crappie seasonal movements, patters, baits, and fishing styles.

No matter what you’re into, hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening, and more, there’s an event for you! Hopefully you caught my Ozarks Outdoors podcast conversation with Francis Skalicky, the Director Of Media for the Missouri Department of Conservation. In there, we’re taking about “The Plight Of Pollinators.” Bee’s, butterflies, and other pollinators are declining at a troubling rate. The good news, there’s still time to help restore their numbers and coming up on April 1st at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center there’s an event you don’t want to miss! Take in their “Native Plants” event from 9AM to 1PM and find out what flowers and plants to can add to your garden to help restore these vitally important insects.

Again, they’ve got something for everyone! Take a few minutes and check out their upcoming events by clicking HERE! If you’re like me and love fishing and hunting, there’s more to learn at a MDC’s clinic. Maybe you’d like to improve your tree identification skills, learn more about birds, water conservation, you name it, there’s an event for you! Check one out, you’ll be glad you did, and we’ll see you in the Ozarks Outdoors!