Over the last couple of weeks, there have been some quality concerts at the Midnight Rodeo! It really doesn’t matter if you call it “Texas Country”, “Red Dirt”, “Americana”, or just “great country music”, the fact is, there have been some quality artists and bands hitting the stage at The Midnight Rodeo! The good news is, if you missed Warren Zeiders Saturday, July 23rd, or Flatland Cavalry this past Saturday, there are more opportunities to catch some rising stars!

It didn’t take long to figure out Warren Zeiders was the real deal. His skilled songwriting and soulful vocals cut through even if you were familiar with his music or not. The place was packed and it was easy to see why.

Likewise, Flatland Cavalry’s skills were evident right from the start. Their style was more traditional with a fiddle in the band but no question that this band, which was started by a couple of the guys jammin’ in a garage while they were students at Texas Tech, made a big splash with their debut album Humble Folks in from 2016 and they’ve been off and running ever since.

Up next is Mike Ryan. That show’s Thursday, August 11th. This rising star from San Antonio already has a couple quality albums to his credit and well worth making the effort on a Thursday night. Just think, one day soon when he’s a big star, you can say “I saw that guy at the Midnight Rodeo!” Get your tickets by clicking HERE.