With Christmas and the holidays on the horizon there are some things you need to know if you are traveling.

 Airlines are expecting close to 39 million people  to board flights between December 20 through January 2.  Peak travel time will be Thursday and Friday before Christmas and about 4 days after the holiday.

If flying this year, one big tip, is to arrive early at the airport and go through security as soon as possible to avoid delays in your travel plans.  Buying flight pre-check through TSA may save you time.

If you are planning on driving to Grandma for Christmas and the holidays,  the good news is, gas prices are down considerably from this time last year. Missouri motorists can expect to pay under $3.00 a gallon at most locations.

Motorist should keep in mind that the busiest times for traffic on the road is Saturday, Dec. 23, and Thursday, Dec. 28.

Traveling early, to avoid high traffic volume may be your best bet.


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