It’s become a Springfield Halloween tradition, “Thriller On C-Street”! The 13th annual edition went down on Saturday evening October 15th. This year, instead of a single afternoon performance on Commercial Street, there was four shows at different locations. The reason for the change was to lessen the amount of traffic and congestion caused by the one large show. Every year about two to three thousand people would gather along a single block of Commercial street. If you didn’t get there early and stake out a spot, you likely had a limited view at best.
This year’s parade-style performance called “The Macabre Promenade” was a way to spread the crowd out along the entire street. However fans sat in the back of their open SUV’s and pickups parked along the street. That constricted the parade route making it difficult to see around the cars and people jamming the street. Growing pains I guess. Some tweaks for next year, don’t allow cars to park along C-Street and put up some type of rope along the street at the performance locations to help keep the crowd back? That would make more room for everyone to see the entire group of zombies do their “Thriller” dance at each stop along the route.
I must say, it was good to see the show once again. It had been a few years since I had taken it in. No question it’s a cool Springfield Halloween tradition and a huge draw for historic C-Street. Happy Halloween everyone!