It’s Winter Weather Preparedness Week!

Now is the time to get your vehicle and your home ready for cold temps that will soon hit the Ozarks this winter.

If using space heaters, keep them away from “hanging” items like curtains, tablecloths and blankets. Make sure there is nothing in front of the heater or behind it.

Clean out fireplaces and wood stoves.  Have them ready for use at a moments notice.

Buy weather stripping for doors and windows and install it.

Have on hand an assortment batteries ready for flashlights, weather alert radios’ etc.

Compile emergency kits with bottled water, candles, flashlights and canned goods with manual can opener

For your vehicle:

Check tire pressure to make sure correct amount of air is in the tires for best gas mileage.

Top off your tank if you hear winter advisories are moving towards your area.

Kitty litter is a great way to gain traction on icy road surfaces.

Place in trunk of car a winter emergency kit (jumper cables, blanket, flashlight, protein bars and water, De-icer, scraper, cell phone charger, gloves winter coat and winter hat.