Better check the pantry to see if you have a Secura Air Fryer.  There is a BIG recall after reports of the product catching fire.

These are the Secura Air Fryer models which are being recalled:  SAF-53D (TXG-DT16E) with date code 1901, and model number SAF-53 (TXG-DS16) with date codes 1903 and 1904,

The airfryersw were sold on the Secura website and also on Amazon from May 2019 through October 2020.

If you have the recalled Secura air fryer  you can contact Secura for a $45 Amazon gift card or a free replacement of the Secura product.

Check out the recall list on the company’s website.

Though receipts are not required, you will be asked to provide contact information and submit photos of the recalled unit with the power cord cut off plus include the product’s date code located at the bottom of the airfryer.

Need more info?  Secura can  be contacted toll-free at 888-792-2360 or by email at

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