We are just 12 days away from the next big Solar Eclipse Event!

Though, Springfield will not be in the direct path of the complete solar eclipse, it won’t stop many from viewing it in our area.

Things to remember, MoDOT and MSHP urges  every driver to pay attention, obey all traffic laws, and wear a seat belt. Additional safe driving tips include:

  • Don’t stop along the interstate or park on the shoulder
  • Find a safe location to view the event and get there early
  • Don’t take photographs while driving
  • Turn your headlights on and do not rely on your automatic headlights
  • Prepare for extra congestion, especially on interstates, on the day before, day of and day after the eclipse
  • Watch out for increased pedestrian traffic along smaller roads. People may randomly park and walk alongside roads in the hour before the total eclipse to get the best viewing
  • Avoid travel during the eclipse or in the area of the path of totality if you can
  • Never wear eclipse glasses when driving a car or operating a boat.· Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and has a full tank of gas
  • Bring along water and snacks in your vehicle