There are still a couple of “Drive In theaters” in Southwest Missouri to enjoy. If you have never been to a drive in- you are missing out! While in your car you can enjoy a fantastic movie but are still able to use your phone and talk. It’s a little bit of nostalgia and its within driving distance of Springfield.

What’s so special about a drive in movie?  They are usually cheaper and they will show 2 movies for the price of one!

The closest movie theater near Springfield will be the Sunset Drive in theater in Aurora. Ticket prices are $8 bucks a person while kids 6 and under are free. They are located at 1601 Church St.

Carthage also has a drive in movie theater, located at 17231 66 Boulevard. Prices are $8 bucks for adults and kids 5 and under are free!

All drive in theaters have concession stands,  and bathrooms! Enjoy!