I had the opportunity to travel to my old high school and MC the “Strive For Success” Scholarship presentation. What made the event extra special, aside from being back at Weaubleau High School, was the fact that the event had a very “fishy” feel. John Greife, the organization’s founder is a former Major League Fishing Boat Official. The speakers were Tracy Slagle, Jon Hickman, and Jackie from Liberty Utilities. Plus, the Drury University Panthers Fishing Team Head Coach, Rick Emmitt and team member Clay Henderson.

Each shared their passion for what they do and effort they each put forth to reach their goals. Which leads us to the foundation of the “Strive For Success” scholarship, “The 3 P’s.” Plan, Passion, and Prayer. First, you must have a “Plan”, without a plan you will have no path for success. Second, “Passion”, It’s the fuel required to keep you on your path along your journey to success. Third, and most importantly “Prayer”, because without it you will never know how far your path can take you.

A very important “special guest” via the phone and video, was Bassmaster Elite Series Champion and 2-Time “Angler Of The Year” “The Prodigy” Brandon Palaniuk. He shared his story of a young angler from Idaho that one day dreamed of being a professional fisherman to becoming a champion. He shared that he lives by the “3 P’s” everyday and it was that foundation that lead him to the very top of pro fishing!

It was a very special event indeed attended by Weaubleau students from middle school though 12 grade. Seniors were asked to write an essay about themselves and their future goals based on “The 3 P’s.” One deserving student will receive the scholarship graciously donated by John Greife. Thanks again for allowing me to be a part! Don’t forget, if you love fishing, catch my Ozarks Outdoors podcast!